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 “On the Grid” Riffe Gallery Curated Exhibition; Columbus, Ohio; July 2024

“Consider This” Solo Exhibit, Divisible Projects; Dayton, Ohio; May 2024

“Fresh Abstraction” Group exhibition, Bonfoey Gallery; Cleveland, Ohio;
February 4th – April 5th 2024

“Ohio Arts Council Biennial Exhibition”; Medici Museum of Art; Warren, Ohio;  2024

Riffe Gallery; Biennial Juried Exhibition; Columbus, Ohio, Oct. 28th 2023 -Jan. 5th  2024.

Manifest Gallery; “Painted Biennial Exhibition” Sept. 28th 2023 – Oct. 27th 2023

Seattle Art Fair; Ryan James Fine Arts; July 27th – 30th 2023

 Art Santa Fe; Muse Art Services; July 13th – 16th 2023

Ohio Arts Council Individual Excellence Award 2023

Why Ask Why? Waiting Patiently with Marc Ross

Marc Ross and the Distance Between

Plenty of Time: Marc Ross at Work


Butler Institute of American Art Director, Dr. Louis Zona states, “In the paintings for “Plum Ridge”, The art of Marc Ross pays tribute to the aesthetics of minimalism, a movement which celebrated simplicity and the power of color. However, the minimalistic paintings of Ross are not just about saluting past philosophies.They instead reveal a technical facility in surface and color rarely seen today.”

“Marc Ross’s work gives us a glimpse of another place, maybe a dream or a far-off reality. Drawing the viewer in with his quiet and soothing oceans of blue and green, suddenly shapes appear just out of focus, sometimes menacing, other times warm and comforting. These works are richly layered, cleverly composed and subtle in every way.”

Darren Baker, Associate Artistic Director, Southern Ohio Museum and Cultural Center

From a review of The Painted Surface; Schumacher Gallery; Capital University, curated by Nannette Maciejunes, director of collections and exhibitions at the Columbus Museum of Art:

“The show’s most striking piece is Marc Ross’s Donut Suspended. It may not be about layers, but it’s beautiful almost beyond words. Looming large over the viewer, seamless gradations of blues and greens form an expanse of water, or sky. In the bottom right is a hazy, ring-like shape that appears to float. Or is it sinking? At once, the image is inviting and intimate, suffocating and hopeless. The ring is visible, but obscured and impossible to reach. It’s trapped. Overwhelmed by all the blue, I felt the same way. From far away, the ring beckons, begs to be inspected. Up close, however, it remains fuzzy, like in a dream. It made me physically uncomfortable at points, yet it was irresistible. Truly sublime.”

Jenny Young; The Other Paper

“His current body of work continues in his luminous, abstract style. He uses airbrushes, brushes, rags, and sponges—anything he can get his hands on— to create these most colorful and tranquil works”

Melinda Greenberg; The Baltimore City Paper

Marc Ross Art